Rollickin Loves Ya!


$95 per adult

A Rollickin Gelato Class: the cooking class, that combined with a science class, and made love to an all-you-can-eat dessert buffet. A truly unique experience. 

At our classes, you’ll get taken through the gelato-making process, get fed as many sweet treats as you can handle, make your very own gelato, and meet the people who make the magic happen.

What your hour will look like: 

  • You’ll arrive at Rollickin’s Cashel St store, mentally prepared to eat a lot of gelato.
  • Sample some products as you hear the Rollickin story, from our humble beginnings as a Gelato Cart to now.
  • Now it’s time to start playing! We’ll take you through the steps of making our luxury version of a kiwi classic - Hokey Pokey!
  • Then you will SMASH, you will DRIZZLE, you will CREAM your way through the process, making your very own Gelato to take away with you!
  • As we give your Gelato time to freeze up in one of our mammoth fridges, we’ll take you over to our gelato cabinets for a tasting bonanza!
  • Try as many of our flavours as you like, try any combination of flavours you like! Ask and you shall receive!
  • To end, we send you off with your Party Tub of gelato to the nearby KONG Cocktail Bar for a Rollickin-inspired cocktail! (Yes - you've got to be 18 to drink, or accompanied by a parent) 

*Allergies: email with the name your ticket(s) is under, and the allergy type, and we will do our best to accommodate* 

Kids Gelato Classes (8-12 years old)

$38 per child

The perfect school holiday activity! We’ll entertain your kids with a gelato class that will blow their little minds!

What your little one will experience:

  • A part info session, part science lesson
  • Hokey Pokey smashing
  • Chocolate mess-making
  • Gelato whippin’
  • Lots and lots of taste testing 
  • An introduction to our amazing gelato chefs
  • A colouring-in competition
  • And loads of lickin’ laughs!

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for the sugar-rush state your child is returned to you in!

*Allergies: email with the name your ticket(s) is under, and the allergy type, and we will do our best to accommodate* 

All private group bookings

Children class bookings minimum of 12 people.
Adult class bookings minimum of 8 people.

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