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Rollickin Loves Ya!

Ice cream party at yours? Rollickin can come to you!

We’ll make your ice cream party dreams come true!

Hire one of our Rollickin Funk Trunks and create an ice cream party, shindig, proposal, wedding, engagement, birthday, work shout that makes people rave with excitement.

Serve up the sweetest lickin’ gelato treats and be the star of the show!

Please note: Our pricing is for standard packages. If you need more gelato, more scooping hours, or are a little way out of Christchurch, just let us know and we can provide a quote. Easy!

We get very busy with bookings, so please note that quote requests do not guarantee booking dates.

We really love a good Do!

Rollickin’s Funk Trunk

  • Pricing from $485 (If you pick-up and serve yourself.)

  • Available only in Christchurch.

  • Serves 50-100 ice cream party guests with a scoop.

  • Two flavours (pick from what we are whippin’ closer to the date.)

  • Requires: NO Power! It’s like a giant special chilly bin that holds gelato cold for 8 hours.

  • Ideal for smaller gatherings, work shouts, parties.

  • Easy Peasy! The Funk Trunk fits in the boot of your car.

Need waaaay more Gelato?

We can organise BIG scale corporate events and collaborations on request. We've already had fun with, just to name a few:

  • Night Noodle Markets - 10 days of crowd scoopin our inspired Asian gelato flavours in a Hagley Park Rollickin pop-up. Come lick Madame Butterfly, Amanda Panda Pina Colada, Patience Young Grasshopper, Miss Saigon or Mr Moto.
  • Great Journeys - FREE Rollickin 'Choo Choo" gelato shout for all travellin trainsters! Celebrating the restarting of the Coastal Pacific Train Picton - Christchurch route after the Kaikoura mighty earthquakes.
  • Antarctica New Zealand - Educating our young audience about the importance of scientific research in Antarctica. Having fun with everything Antarctic here in Christchurch & sending our “Scotty got to third base” gelato over to our brave scientists at Scott Base to test.

Want Rollickin as a venue?

We’re up for anything fun!

Just make contact via our enquiry form & let’s see if we can make it work.

Event Bookings Enquiry

Fill in the form about your event and we'll get back to you, lickety split.

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