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Rollickin Loves Ya!

We’re creating the best & most fun dessert experience eva

Kia Ora! Hello! Super!

Are you interested in joining us?

We are always on the lookout for super fun, motivated, and talented people! If you think you've got what it takes to help us create the best customer experiences on the planet. Make contact!

Rollickin has a lot of late night & weekend delicious fun going on, so you’ve gotta be happy to get amongst it and work weekends & nights.

We are family.
We work really hard at being so good at what we do & we genuinely love and care for everyone involved.

Biggest thanks for showing interest.
Wishing you all the very very best luck!

Front of House

Be the Best Scooper eva
If you really love people and enjoy a good banter with our cool customers. Learn to scoop like a Rollickin pro, explain our forever changing delicious gelato flavours, rattle off all the dietary deets, plate-up our desserts, master our till, jump to action with cafĂ© open & close-up, and yes, take your turn at washin the dishes! 

Groovin Barista
Experienced espresso and baristaring super powers with coffee machines. Can make a killer brew (we buddy up with C4 Organic Coffee to make the very best). Love people, our gelato, desserts & enjoys a fun, high energy Rollickin Café vibe. You gotta be a team player, keen to jump in & help where needed.

Shift Supervisor
Jack of all trades, you’ve got your team's back. You can open the cafe, assist the team, provide loads of customer love, nail our end-of-day cash up, and close the cafe. You’ll be able to work the cafĂ© like a netball centre or a rugby half back! 

Café Managers
You are a born leader, calm under pressure & can happily create & orchestrate a FOH dream team. Customers love your good Rollickin cafĂ© vibes - happy staff & happy customers! You love training staff, lifting the bar & finding new ways to do things better.  You’re up for new challenges - assisting the management team making things happen in-cafĂ©.

Chef Kitchen where all the magic happens. Bring all your culinary talents!

You love to rise early and can work independently. You’ll be a key member in a big team who creates our dessert menu daily. You’re full of new menu ideas to bring to the table, and your Food Safety practices are top notch!

Gelato Chefs
Whip it! whip it good! Your day begins with making beautiful mountains of gelato & sorbet with high-end ingredients fresh every day. Fill that freezer with your creations that will drive our customers crazy with desire! Our crew just wanna whip the best they possibly can, devising clever new recipes for even better flavours. Is that even possible?

Wherever you need us. Eventers!

When Rollickin takes on an event like a party, festival or market we need extra hands to help set-up & scoop. Up for it?

The Management Team

Yes, there’s whole behind the scenes passionate management team that drives all the production creation, ordering, planning, events, collaborations, HR, economics, marketing, webstore, new business, and is forever looking for ways to lift the bar!
If you’re an asset to our game plan & we got a space. It could be a match made in heaven.

Go on, get started, fill in the form!

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Please EMAIL your CV to: Biggest Thanks! We got your deets & will be back in contact real soon. Cheers Rollickin. X Pst. If we don’t have anything suitable at the moment, we will have your details on file.

Good Luck!


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