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Rollickin Loves Ya!

​So what are you waiting for, friend?

Download that APP & start collecting the points.

Your Rollickin Love Points will add up to cool stuff like:

  • Free Scoops (if you’re good!) - once you rack up 780 points, you can redeem for a Free Scoop 
  • A free scoop of Rollickin on your birthday (fyi you have to have spent the small amount of $15 on your APP before you are eligible for this)
  • Ongoing random acts of love from the Rollickin team with our ‘only on the APP’ friends benefits. X!

    Need Some Support?

    Pssst... If you have any issues with our Rollickin App we would love to sort it for you.

    Just email me
    Biggest Thanks!

    Tania X

    Oh & one more thing!

    By downloading our app, you agree to our all our Rollickin Terms & Conditions.


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