Rollickin Loves Ya!

Love-points for the best desserts in Christchurch!

Rollickin's Friends with Benefits APP - Just like a loyalty coffee stamp card but only better!

Every time you pay on your phone with the Rollickin APP you earn Rollickin Love points.

The Rollickin points keep adding up & yup before you know it - you’ll have enough points to grab a cool reward.

Rollickin Love Points = FREE Gelato

Your Rollickin Love Points will add up to cool stuff like:

  • Free Scoops (if you’re good!) - once you rack up 380 points, you can redeem for a Free Scoop 
  • Rollickin merch…A swanky new tee perhaps?
  • A free scoop of Rollickin on your birthday (fyi you have to have spent the small amount of $15 on your APP before you are eligible for this)
  • Ongoing random acts of love from the Rollickin team with our ‘only on the APP’ friends benefits. X!

​So what are you waiting for, friend?

Download that APP & start collecting the points.

Earn loyalty love-points

Earn your points at any of our Rollickin Gelato cafes in Christchurch:

Oh & one more thing!

By downloading our app, you agree to our all our Rollickin Terms & Conditions.

Pssst... If you have any issues with our Rollickin App we would love to sort it for you.

Just email me
Biggest Thanks!



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