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Dreaming of creamy summer?

House-made & hand scooped in small batches. 
Nail that summer vibe - Fill ya freezer with Rollickin's Chiller Filler!
The friends and whānau will love you for it! 
House-made & hand scooped in small batches. 
Let our chefs whip you 3 of our specialty whips - Order now & you'll receive:

Tub 1: CASHEW STREET - A creamy Caramel Gelato, with thick lashings of Cashew & Chocolate Fudge and Caramel sauce, topped with lots of crushed & toasted Cashew Nut Pieces.

Tub 2: BLACK FOREST (v) - A creamy Choc Coconut Gelato, with Gooey Brownie Chunks, and a tart Cherry Sauce! P.s. It's vegan!

Tub 3: GIRL NEXT DOOR - Pomegranate & Yogurt Gelato, passionately layered with Passionfruit & Lemon Curd, and lovingly sprinkled in Raspberry Crumbles

Pack Includes:

3x 750ml Party Tub - Serves 15-20 (depending on how hungry you are!) 
15 x waffle cones
Please note; we always add a little Belgium Dark Chocolate (from our chocolate tap) to the top.

•  House made  •  Hand scooped  •  Have it fresh!

Local Pick-up & Delivery Deets

One of our scoopers will hand-pack the goods ready for your pick-up.

Get your order in by 10pm today for pick-up tomorrow between 11am–10pm. (Nationwide delivery coming soon – watch this space!) 
Need it sooner? Visit us in-store

Have you got an allergy?

All our house-made products are made to be eaten fresh. As we make in-house, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that our products are strictly free from allergens. We certainly do our very best, but cross contamination may occur. 

Check the allergen info card here for all allergen details.
Love Rollickin x

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