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Rollickin Loves Ya!

Fill your freezers with our groovy new Party Tubs!

Super excited to add these to Rollickin's plant made packaging .

Working with our mates at Decent Packaging we now have compostable Rollickin Gelato Party Tub packaging. Whoop! Whoop! 

Simply everything is made from plants - plant based non toxic inks, plant based dyes and plant based glues.
To whiten the paper they do it without bleach - using non toxic oxidation.
All sounds rather complicated, but with lots of clever science wisdom behind it to make sure the packaging has the very least amount of impact on our beautiful planet.

So now our Party Tubs, Gelato Tubs and Coffee Cups are all plant made.

We are always open to any ideas on how Rollickin Gelato can be more sustainable.
Send them my way to

Pst. The Rollickin team hand pack our Party Tubs on request in our cafes. So here's a wee tip! We can pack 'half and half'! Like two flavours in one Party Tub! How sweet is that!

Also, you'll now find our new Party Tubs in our Dessert Boxes ;)

You can order online, through the Rollickin App, on Ubereats or in cafe. There's always flavours to cover any dietary requirements like Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, Egg Free too.

Our two Christchurch Rollickin Gelato cafes are open 11am to 10pm Sunday to Thursday. And later til 11pm on Friday and Saturday nights for all your Party Tub filling. See you soon!


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