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Rollickin Loves Ya!

Chatty Cathy Coffee

Lick your coffee!

Best Friday Coffee dessert date ever! Licking Caramel Latte with Brownie Chunks while catching up with your besties. " OMG! Have you seen the Barbie movie yet?"...

Our clever chefs at Rollickin Gelato are creating brews of super creamy coffee gelato with organic milk and cream. Smells coffee fantastic when they do it!
Adding swirls of gooey caramel sauciness and our famous house-made Gerry Brownie chunked up. It's only out for a limited time, so come on in for a licking super quick!

Chatty Cathy Coffee gelato is Gluten Free too for any grizzly gluten tums!

Pst. And our Cathy tells us it's  10 out of 10 on her ice cream Lick-o-meter.

Rollickin Gelato Dessert Cafes are open for late night dating fun.
Sunday to Thursday 11am-10pm AND Friday and Saturday 11am-11pm.

See you soon in our cool Christchurch city centre at Rollickin 98 Cashel St or Rollickin 35 New Regent Street. Sweet!


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