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Rollickin Loves Ya!

Wham Bam Banana Slam!

Gluten Free! 

Our whipping Chefs kitchens at Rollickin Gelato are full of bunches and bunches of Bananas.
Waiting patiently to be split, mushed and churned into dreamy creamy Banana gelato.
Yes, you're right, I'm going Bananas over this one!

Peanuts are being lined up and slammed into little pieces.  And then layers of Chocolate drizzles through the banana gelato and peanuts. BAM! Just think it's a classic licking Banana Split sundae!
Pst.  This one obviously has nuts! But hey is a Gluten Free option for those type of tummies.

Lick Banana Split ice cream at Rollickin Gelato Dessert Cafe 98 Cashel Street, Christchurch.
And Rollickin Gelato Dessert Cafe 35 New Regent Street, Christchurch.
Open 11am to 10pm Sunday to Thursday
And always open for later night dessert dating 11am to 11pm Friday and Saturday!
Remember,  We hand pack Rollickin gelato into Party Tubs on the fly on request!

And of course, available by the scoop from either of our Rollickin Gelato Dessert Cafes!

Banana on in Christchurch peoples!


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