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Rollickin Loves Ya!

Rollickin Gelato 2023 Scoop Poll

Under 25's Enrol & Vote!

We're all learning lots and lots about Politics over the last two weeks at Rollickin Gelato Christchurch!

Rollickin's Scoop Poll alongside the Electoral Commission team, are educating youth to enrol, vote, understand what each Party stands for and how the Parliamentary seat system works. Every vote counts and the Under 25 year olds are a big voting force here in Christchurch. NZ's second biggest city. Whoop! Whoop!

It's been so much fun and we still have three weeks to go!
Our Rollickin Youth Scoop Reporters Davina and Anisha from Journalism School & UC have been putting our visiting Party Leaders through some Rollickin fun tests. Check out our socials!

How do the scoop Polls work?
• Our Chefs have created a gelato flavour for each party
• Customers vote by the scoops they order  and a Scoop Poll continually updates. Check it out on this website.
• We love Party Leaders to visit! It gives our Rollickin Student Reporters the opportunity for a quick interview and our Christchurch whanua to get the chance to meet the Politicians up close in their local Rollickin Gelato Cafe!

Watch our socials!
If a Party visits. Rollickin gives out their Party flavour free for one hour.
This changes up the Scoop Poll and shows how Parliamentary seats change with votes.

So far we have had visits from Christopher Luxon, Chris Hipkins & David Seymour... 
Can't wait for James Shaw, Marama Davidson, Rawiri Waititi & Debbie Ngarewa-Packer to visit!

The Flavours are (in no particular order as we are politically neutral!)

  1. Blueberry Lux. Saving our squeezed middle with Blueberry ripples and creamy Cheesecake gelato with layers of extra $hortbread crust to get us back on track.

  2. Orange Choc Chippy. This PM is in it for you with fizzin SHERBET with gst (currently included) oranges. Stacked with Dark Choc to tackle the cost of living and teeth cavities. Yes, it's Gluten Free!

  3. David Smore. Freedom to kiwis to get on with the job of licking creamy Chocolate gelato, smashing overspending butter Bikkies, loaded Marshmellows and Chocolate drizzlers.

  4. Rawiri's Raspberry. Bringing Maoritanga to the house! Be guided by our tikanga while enjoying Vanilla Gelato, swirling Raspberry Jam and Chocolate aroha. Aotearoa Hou! Yes, it's Gluten Free!

  5. Shaw the Kiwi. The time is now to lick this eco-crime fighting duo - electric whipped creamy Coconut gelato and Kiwifruit fuel to save us from climate change and rent hikes. It's Vegan!

Mmm, what scoop do you think you'll go for?

The Electoral Commission team is popping in and out of both Rollickin Central City cafes, and are happy to have conversations and take enrolments. Anybody is free to pop down and say hello. 

See ya soon voters!


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