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‘Pops Lemon Pie’ Summer Dessert Sour Craft Beer.

Rollickin Gelato and Two Thumb Brewery, two Christchurch passionate businesses have joined forces to whip & brew a summer treat.

Releasing Canterbury Anniversary Day Friday 17th November. Cheers Christchurch!

Jed Joyce (Rollickin Gelato) & Alex Grimshaw (Two Thumb’s Brewer) worked together on taking one of Rollickin’s Summer Crowd's favourite gelato flavours – Pops Lemon Pie to recreate into a Dessert Sour Beer.

Our Pop's Lemon Pie Sour beer is brewed to be intentionally acidic or tart. Starting with a base of pilsner malt gives a light colour and a soft pastry flavour, then Lemon Drop hops provide the main citrus flavours and aromas. The addition of milk sugars into the brew helps to leave a sweetness and a rich creamy mouthfeel as they do not fully ferment. Two Thumb then used a kettle souring process, adding Lactobacillus bacteria (the same bacteria in yoghurt or probiotics), to drop the PH slightly to give the brew a sharpness but without being too mouth-puckering.

The beer is then fermented for 6-7 days before adding the final touches of real lemon, cinnamon and vanilla to fine-tune the taste, matching the Rollickin gelato.


Creamy Vanilla Pod gelato and zesty Lemon Curd and  house-made cinnamon pastry crust

 Pops Lemon Pie – Sour 7.2%

Working in cahoots with our friends at Rollickin Gelato – we’ve brewed a summer crowd favourite – Pop’s Lemon Pie. Who’s Pop? Who knows? But he makes a wicked Lemon Pie!

Go on treat yourself to a burst of a zesty lemon curd, cinnamon pastry crust & creamy vanilla!

 Cheers to the sweet and summer brew!

 Beer Release Date: Cheers Canterbury! Canterbury Anniversary Day Friday 17th November

Drink locally at Two Thumbs Brewery Manchester St & Colombo St Christchurch

(Pst. Rollickin Gelato Cafes are alcohol-free spaces – sorry No Beer)

Order cans online at

Buy at Supermarkets Nationwide in the Craft Beer section


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