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Rollickin Loves Ya!

Ice cream for hire!

Rollickin Gelato Funk Trunks!

Got a work shout, wedding, group gathering, party, team thank you, clients you want to win over? We'll we've got the perfect affordable thing ... Rollickin Funk Trunks!

Each Funk Trunk is like a specialised chilly bin that holds gelato cold for 5-7 hours.
(Yep, we've even flown one down in the Hercules to Scott Base, Antarctica for a special Scientists Shout. How cool is that!)

Ice cream for hire - how many do you need to serve?
One Funk Trunk holds two flavours, which is 100 single servings,
Two Funk Trunks hold four flavours, which is 200 single servings
Three Funk Trunks holds three flavours, which is 300 single servings
Got my math?...You just line up Funk Trunks for more flavours & more servings.

Each Funk Trunk costs $485 (including Gst for those big company questions).
And comes with waffle cones, Rollickin cups & spoons, scoops, everything you need to have a fun scooping time.

A lot of people just DIY, as it's a super fun, engaging activity. However, if you want a Rollickin person to deliver & scoop just ask.

It's a super easy peasy way to hire ice cream.
First up!
Check if we have a FUNK TRUNK available on the date you require.
Simply, fill in the ENQUIRE NOW form on EVENT BOOKINGS on our website.
We'll look at our ice-cream for hire calendar & let you know. 

Yes, you get to choose your flavours! And yes, we have Vegan, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free & Egg-Free to cover any Allergen grizzly tums.

Pick-up is usually on the day from Rollickin Gelato Cafe on 98 Cashel St. Car Park beside Riverside Markets (Litchfield Street is what your aiming for)

Throw the Funk Trunk in the back of your car & make peoples gelato dreams come true.
Yep, it fits in your Car boot & yep thats why we call it the FUNK TRUNK.

Boot Tip, yes you can serve from your boot if you have a few different people you want to visit & treat.

Left over gelato is all yours. Either scoop into containers at home & put in ya freezer.
Or ask our nice team at Rollickin to Party Tub it for you when you return the FUNK TRUNK.

Wee Ice Cream for Hire Tips! For guaranteed good gelato times.
• Some parties have organised their catering staff or a friend to do the scooping.
• Some weddings have a scoop on offer after the ceremony & for dessert with the Wedding cake & any leftover gelato gets used for the day after.
• Some events create a special cocktail with a scoop ;)
• You can use smaller scoops to stretch out the servings too...especially if you got lots of little kiddos, like a pre-school party!

So what are you waiting for, it's a great treat. Book one for your next event!


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