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Rollickin Loves Ya!

Life's too short for boring gelato flavours!

Starting with the caramel licksters!

Check out Rollickin's whipping limited edition caramel gelato's! Lick PopNana or Dulce De Pash or Chatty Cathy Coffee ice cream. Caramel on in Dessert Lovers - they are only here for a short time! Driving your tastebuds crazy. Remember Rollickin gives out free wee gelato tastes.

POPNANA. Hold on to your popcorn tubs. The Buskers are here! Be entertained lickin caramel popcorn, dreamy banana gelato, chocolate flakes and caramel fun! I’m Gluten Free! 
Lick popcorn at Rollickin Gelato Cafe Christchurch. Inspired by Buskers!

DULCE DE PASH. Dive into creamy waves of Passion Fruit gelato smothered in saucy Dulce de Leche. Summer romance in a cup or cone!
Yep! I’m Gluten-Free!
Pash at Rollickin Gelato Cafe Christchurch.  Inspired by Summer Love.

CHATTY CATHY COFFEE. Lick Caramel Latte with Brownie Chunks while catching up with your besties! Brewing super creamy coffee gelato with swirls of gooey caramel and brownie chunks.
This ones a '10 out of 10' on Cathy’s Lick-o-meter. And I'm Gluten Free too.
Love your chats Cathy and thanks for the taste testing!
Brewing at Rollickin Gelato Cafe Christchurch. Inspired by our besties.

See you soon for scoops Caramel lovers! Why not have all three.


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