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Rollickin Loves Ya!

Stuck for a Mother's Day Gift idea?

How about these 'Love My Mum' winners?

1. A Rollickin Gift Card?

Load a gift card with $ for mum. Fingers-crossed when she comes in to use it you'll also get invited. Bonus!

2. A Dessert Box?

Order her favourite Rollickin Dessert & master chef it yourself! (Make sure there's enough servings for you too!) Bon App Treat Mum! X

3. A mum date at Rollickin? She'll love ya for it. Take her out for the best Christchurch dessert treats eva! Open at both cafes 11am-10pm at night.

4. A Party Tub for that special milf mum!? We're whippin the perfect Mothers Day flavour.

STACEYS MOM has it going on with the creamiest blueberry cheesecake gelato & layers of house-made blueberry jammin & yummy mummy Bikkie Butter Crumble. I'm in love with Stacey's mom!

Pst. Order on UberEats for a secret admirer delivery.


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