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Rollickin Loves Ya!

It's Christmas Galore Right Now!

Rollickin is right in the thick of it when it comes to festive celebrations! 

Our cafes are decked out in merry decor, our gelato specials are full of festive flavour, and we're well into our month of giveaways!

and there's still more to come...

Christmas Giveaway

If you haven't already, you should head along to our Facebook page to take part in our daily giveaways. Each day, for the 24 days leading up to Christmas, we're doing a giveaway on our Facebook page where we give away one of our many delicious goodies!

From a scoop, to a hot dessert, or even a dessert box, we are giving away a whole variety of our goodies. Think of it like a big dessert advent calendar!

Festive Flavours

We've got three delicious specialty gelatos out at the moment, all of them deliciously reminiscent of Christmas! And, as usual, their names aren't a let down.

'Mrs Claus', 'The Nutivity', and 'Gingerbread Man' are currently gracing our freezers, and they all taste so, so good!

  • Mrs Claus is a strawberry & cheesecake Gelato, with a white chocolate fudge sauce and red velvet cake chunks.
  • The Nutivity is a hazelnut and chocolate gelato, accompanied by chocolate hazelnut sauce, and toasted Canterbury Hazelnuts.
  • Gingerbread Man is a spiced ginger and caramel gelato, with gingerbread cookie chunks, and a Spiced White Chocolate Fudge sauce

See? Told you they're good. As like all our products, these gelatos are made in-house with fresh organic ingredients. So the flavours are at a maximum!

The Christmas Chiller Filler

December is a month of indulgence. 

'No Discipline December' we like to call it, the one month of the year you can treat yourself excessively and not feel bad about it.

That's why we're creating the indulgent, ultra delicious; Christmas Chiller Filler!

A whole party tub each of our 3 delicious christmas specialty gelatos! Imagine having that much Rollickin Gelato, at your own house! 

The exciting part about our Christmas Chiller Filler is that it will change each week. As new, yummy, christmas flavour are released!

This week's Christmas Chiller Filler comes with:

  • 1x Party Tub - Mrs Claus
  • 1x Party Tub - The Nutivity
  • 1x Party Tub - Gingerbread Man

Find the Christmas Chiller Filler under the gelato menu on our website shop, and look out for our new flavour announcements on our Facebook & Instagram pages, as well as right here on our website!


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