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Rollickin Loves Ya!

Rollckin's 'Greatest Hits' Summer

Happy New Year to our Rollickin fam! 

2022 is going to be a big year for Rollickin, and we can't wait for all the awesome things you'll be able to take part in with us!

Greatest Hits

To kick off the year, we're bringing back all the flavours that have been fan favourites. In what we like to call Rollickin's 'Greatest Hits Collection'!

Over on our Facebook and Instagram, we've asked our followers to vote on the flavours they most wanted to see back in store for summer.

After sifting through many, many answers, we compiled a list of our Greatest Hits; six of our most popular flavours, worthy of bringing back in celebration of summer!

See something that tickles your fancy? 

From chocolate-y, to nutty, to fruity. We've got all the flavour profiles covered! There's something for everyone.

Summer is the best season of the year! The sun is out, the guns are out, and so are the smiles! So it only deserves the most carefully curated list of the best Gelatos we've got!


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