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Rollickin Loves Ya!

2022 - Our Biggest Year Yet!


After getting through a tough two years - years unlike anything we've experienced - we have entered 2022 filled with optimism!

Like a bull in a china shop, Rollickin is ready to leave a mark! We want to cram our calendar with new flavours, new desserts, and a giant heap of events!

Keep your eyes peeled on our blog, our FB page, our Instagram, and our email newsletter for all the insane things we'll do this year!

Gelato Classes

We've just made getting to experience one of our Gelato Classes a whole lot easier!

Whether it's just you, or you and 10 friends, everyone can now get tickets to our Gelato Classes! We've got kiddies classes for those 12 and under, and adults classes for all other ages - our Gelato Classes can be catered for any age group!

And, for those 18+, we're stoked to announce our collaboration with KONG Cocktail Bar, who will be providing Rollickin-inspired cocktails at the end of the class!

Check out the 'Events Booking' page on our website for all the details and how to get tickets.

Our beloved Dog Walks are back, with our first taking place on the 30th of January @ 5pm

Our beloved Dog Walks are back, with our first taking place on the 30th of January @ 5pm

Events Galore

We're not just stopping with Gelato Classes! We intend to take any excuse to throw an event!

Kicking off with one of our beloved dog walks of the 30th of January, it's going to be a massive year!

At Rollickin, we love surprises. But i'll give you a small teaser anyway - let's just say that it might get a bit romantic at Rollickin this Valentine's Day *wink wink*

Got an Idea?

It's often you, our customers, who have the best ideas!

Whether it be flavours, desserts, or events - often the best ideas have been inspired by things you've said!

If you've got something you want to see Rollickin do - hit us up at and say hello!


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