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Rollickin Loves Ya!

Love is in The Air

Romancin' at Rollickin

For the first time ever, Rollickin is venturing into the business of matchmaking.

This week we announced our Valentine's Day speed dating event: Romancin' at Rollickin!

Fortunately, dessert is the most romantic of meals anyway, so this only makes the event even easier for us!

Speed Dating?

Romancin' at Rollickin is going to be a mega matchmaking event!

With games, speed meeting, mixing, mingling, and lots of our Love Me Tinder gelato (an amazing aphrodisiac by the way) going around, we're sure to set the right mood.

Hosted by Dr Love, a matchmaking expert, the atmosphere will be romantic, and the chemistry between our guests will be intoxicating!

Love is For Everyone!

Everyone deserves a chance at love, so we're making sure this event is for everyone! 

Regardless of sexuality, or gender - we wanna make sure you have a chance at love! The only requirement is that you're up for a bit of romancin'!

Thanks to the amazing Qtopia who have partnered with us for this event! 


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