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Hellooooo Long Weekend!

Happy Easter!

Ahhhhh! It's a long weekend!

I don't know about you, but i'm in serious need of a rest!

I take my hat off to all the parents out there who aren't just looking at a long weekend, but two weeks of school holidays! Good luck!!

(pssst, there's still a few Kid's Gelato Class tickets available)

We're open all weekend long, because it's the perfect time to spoil yourself for a delicious sweet treat, and to make it even better, we've got some super special flavours out at the moment!

Easter in a Gelato

Because it's easter, we'd be stupid not to have a gelato flavour to commemorate it! 

Enter 'Great Eggspectations'! Inspired by the traditional creme egg, we've deconstructed it into a Gelato!

It's a creamy and perfectly balanced chocolate gelato, which we've layered with a thick and delightfully rich caramel sauce, and a fluffy and sticky marshmallow paste, and - just for good luck - we've thrown in a extra drizzle of chocolate.

Now, this one took a bit of trial and error, because guess what becomes very uncooperative when sandwiched between lots of cold layers? Marshmellow!

So we've made a vegan marshmellow, using aquafaba, which gives it a much silker, softer texture. Much for comfy in the mouth!!

Great Eggspectations
Great Eggspectations

Dessert for Breakfast?

Yes you read that right!

A few months ago, our chefs started imagining if they could apply breakfast flavours into a gelato. 

After lots of successes and disasters in the kitchen's experimental time, they finally have a flavour!

Introducing: Wake Me Up Before You Yoyo! 

A yoghurt gelato, with a fresh apricot jam, and a Rollickin granola mix - and trust me when I say it REALLY evokes the tastes of breakfast, but better!

Wake Me Up Before You Yoyo
Wake Me Up Before You Yoyo

Kids Gelato Classes

As mentioned before, we've got Kids Gelato Class tickets up for grabs!

It's the perfect activity for any child! They get to eat lots of sweet treats, watch how gelato is made, make their own, and they get to leave with a Rollickin gift card! 

I wish I was a kid again, just so I could experience that joy just one more time!!

If you know of any kiddies who mighht be interested, you can buy tickets here:


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