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Rollickin Loves Ya!

Going Bananas for Dogs!

Dog Walk

After many dogless months, we are proud to announce that our first Dog Walk in a long, long time was a huge hit!

Despite wet weather, a huge number of dogs and their owners came to the walk, with many people making the observation "well I was going to have to walk them anyway"

The walk saw us go through the central city, notably passing the awesome new Te Pai convention centre and going down beautiful New Regent St.

Our walk ended with the traditional handing out of our Woof Woof Dog Gelato, a huge hit with all our furry friends. A huge thanks to Korure Pets wo handed out their super healthy dog mussel treats, and to Ethique who donated heaps of doggy shampoo and conditioner for the walk!

But our biggest thank you goes to everyone who attended the walk, with your help we raised $228.60 for the SPCA! 

Donkey Kong

This week has seen the return of a very famous Gelato!

For a limited time only, we've reintroduced Donkey Kong to our freezer cabinets! If you like banana, then this is the flavour for you!

It's a dark chocolate & banana gelato, layered with Rollickin caramel, and big chunks of banana cake.

It. Is. Heavenly.

Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong


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