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I Have a Date With a Pud!

Hey Pud' Lookin

Yes, as you might have gathered from that title, we had a new pudding here at Rollickin.

A sticky date pudding!

As part of our ultra delicious Hot Desserts Menu, we've released a new sticky date pudding to celebrate the winter season!

Appropriately named 'Hey Pud Lookin', our sticky date pudding comes served with a scoop of your choosing, vanilla cream, brandy snap crumbs, a dusting of cinnamon, and a jug of the most delicious butterscotch sauce!

There is only one way to describe this dessert: Divine.

Pop into either of our cozy cafes at 35 New Regent St & 98 Cashel St and try it now!

Hey Pud Lookin'
Hey Pud Lookin'

Happy Hot Choc

Hey Pud Lookin' wasn't the only thing freshly released this week!

We also released our Winter 2022 Hot Chocolate, which we've called the 'Happy Hot Choc'. The name, as you'll see below, is pretty spot on.

Our delicious hot choccy is topped with whipped cream, chocolate flakes, and a raspberry jam-filled happy marshmellow. All served in an edible, chocolate-dipped vanilla biscotti cup! 🍫☕️

Yes that's right, every part of this hot choccy is consumable, a drink and a meal in one. It's like having milk and cookies!

The Happy Hot Choc!
The Happy Hot Choc!

Oh Snap

And lastly - but not least - is our new gelato flavour for this week!

It's sweet, caramelised flavour notes will soothe your soul and warm you up inside!

We've released 'Oh Snap'! A vanilla gelato, layered with sticky & thick caramel, and crushed up brandy snap pieces! Boy oh boy it's good!

Oh Snap!
Oh Snap!


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