Rollickin Loves Ya!

Hot Here, Hot There, Hot Desserts Everywhere!

As the temperatures get colder outside, it's getting hotter indoors!

We're cranking up the heaters and flicking on the ovens to prepare as many hot dessert treats as possible. Because a hot dessert and a wintery night go together like bread and butter!

And it appears lots of you agree, because our stores have been run off their feet making you lots and lots desserts! 

Gerry Brownie

The first shout out has to go to our king of desserts, the Gerry Brownie!

It's definitely our most popular dessert, and there's a reason for that!

It's gooey, moist, hot, and very chocolatey. We think it's probably the best brownie in the country - and before you say that's a bold claim, trust us. You. Have. To. Try. It. 

It has big streaks of caramel baked through it for extra gooeyness. Then we serve it with a drizzle of chocolate sauce, hokey pokey bits, a scoop of your favourite gelato, and a dollop of cream on top!

The way the gelato slowly melts over the hot brownie is just *chefs kiss* and that combo of hot and cold is just great. The hokey pokey thrown in their for a bit of variety in texture is just the cherry on top!

Recommended brownie and gelato combos:

  • Yogi Bear
  • Salty Caramel
Gerry Brownie

Gerry Brownie

Ashley's Apple Pie

I can't go making a blog post without giving a shout out to my personal favourite dessert! (I don't care if i'm sharing personal opinion, i'm the blog writer, so I do what I like!)

The Ashley Apple Pie is absolutely divine and one of, if not the best, apple pie i've ever had! 

It's sweet, the apples are cooked exactly right, soft but not so soft that there's no bite to them, the mixture the apples are cooked in contrasts so well, and the pastry! Ugh THE PASTRY! It's so fresh, buttery, and the perfect touch of sweetness... words cannot express how perfect the whole thing is!

It's served with sweet biscuit crumbs, caramel sauce, a dollop of vanilla cream, and a scoop of your favourite gelato!

Recommended apple pie and gelato combos:

  • Strawberry Patch Kid
  • Yogi Bear
  • Mister Mint Choc (just trust me) 
Ashley Apple Bloomfield Pie

Ashley Apple Bloomfield Pie

Another Gelato Perhaps?

This week's new gelato flavour might be a great option to put on any of our desserts!

We welcomed back into the freezer this week for a limited time, Jake's Jelly Tip!

Inspired by the corner dairy classic, our Jake's Jelly Tip features a vanilla gelato, layered with raspberry jam, chunks of Gerry Brownie, and a splashing of chocolate! Delicious!

The sweet vanilla gelato marries perfectly with the gooey, cakey chunks of Gerry Brownie, and the zesty raspberry jam cuts through with a very perky HELLO!

Jake's Jelly Tip

Jake's Jelly Tip


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