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Long Weekend? More Time For Eating!

Ngā Mihi o Matariki, te tau hou Māori!

This weekend is Aotearoa's first ever long weekend in celebration of Matariki! An exciting milestone for the country, and an important inclusion, not just for our Māori whānau, but for all of us!

Like all long weekends, Rollickin will be open to spread some joy and encourage you to spoil yourself! With Winter being well and truly here, this is a perfect weekend to come and warm your soul with a delicious hot dessert!

Jacindy's Cinnie Bun

While is might just be our most photogenic hot dessert, it's one of our most delicious too!

Jacindy's Cinnie Bun is a giant brioche cinnamon scroll, smothered in a cream cheese icing. It is then topped with a scoop of your choice, a dollop of cream, some caramel sauce, and canided walnuts.

This hot dessert is the absolute epitome of spoiling yourself, and oh my gosh, it is completely worth it!

The oodles of cream cheese icing compliment the striking sweetness of the cinnamon, and the sweetness of the brioche gives a delicious, fresh note to the whole dish. Then the candied walnuts just give a delicious crunchy texture to it all!

Jacindy's Cinnie Bun

Jacindy's Cinnie Bun

No Cow Over The Moon

This week's new flavour is something special, and dances on the palate!

We've taken our classic, iconic 'No Cow In Coconut' Chocolate Sorbet, and made it juicy!

We blended up and chucked in a whole heap of boysenberries into the chocolate mix, and it's made the most delicious, morish scoop!

The chocolate and zingyness of the boysenberries marry together so well, and the two elements bring out flavour notes in each other, making a super punchy, chocolate-y sorbet mix!

Rejoice vegans! Because it's also vegan! Good luck finding a yummier vegan treat, it's hard to beat!

No Cow Over The Moon

No Cow Over The Moon


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