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Rollickin Loves Ya!

A Gay Dog and Dessert Hog!

Rollickin has had some crazy times since last week's post!

Over the Matariki weekend you guys came and conquered! We had our freezers and cabinets emptied multiple times! It must be the power of the new sticky date pudding right? Too enticing!

Last Sunday also saw our Pride Week Dog Walk, 'Doggie Style', and once again you cam and conquered. So many people turned up, we could've started our own dog-loving nation!

Doggie Style

Doggie Style would have to be one of my top 5 best moments i've had a Rollickin!

The weather was great, the atmosphere was perfect, and the doggie costumes were exquisite! 

Thank you to everyone who came, and that has to be quite a large thank you, because holy heck! There was a lot of you! 

A big thank you also to Jaz Paterson who sung live for us during party time, setting a wonderful atmosphere and battling the dog barks. Another thank you has to go to Sweet As Pup who were kind enough to donate some products for our prizes!

And I couldn't possibly write this blog post without congratulating our winning doggy costumes! Congrats to Rusty (2nd place) and Sundae (1st place) for the amazing costumes, you truly have the coolest owners!

Hey Pud Lookin'

As I mentioned earlier, our new Sticky Date Pudding certainly enticed a lot of people through our doors for the weekend!

Do I have any proof that this is the reason everyone visited? No.

Do I know in my heart that's why? Yes!

There's something incredibly reassuring about a Sticky Date Pudding, i'm not sure what it is, but they just seem like the mnost trustworthy of desserts.

So far, the reaction to Hey Pud Lookin', Rollickin's indulgent take on the sticky date pudding, has been overwhelmingly positive! 

It's moist and dense but somehow light and fluffy. It comes alongside a generous jug of butterscotch sauce, and we top the pudding with a scoop of your choice, some whipped cream, and brandy snap crumbles, which add a wonderful variety in textures!

Hey Pud Lookin' getting doused in butterscotch sauciness!

Hey Pud Lookin' getting doused in butterscotch sauciness!

Power Puff Gurl

Remember how you'd automatically have an awesome day at school on the days you opened your lunchbox to find a Mallowpuff biscuit? Yes of course you do! We've been trying to chase that high ever since!

Well get ready for a bit of childhood nostalgia with this week's new flavour: Power Puff Gurl!

We've layered a creamy milk chocolate gelato with marshmallow fluff, vanilla cookie crumbs, and melted chocolate! Gosh it's good!

Power Puff Gurl

Power Puff Gurl


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