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Rollickin Loves Ya!

All Good Desserts Have Fruit!

Hello Gelato Lovers!

We hope you're well and keeping out of that nasty winter cold!

A handy reminder: our cafes are always cosy & warm, and our desserts are always hot!

This week, we've got a fruity theme going on! So let's dive right in! 

Ashley's Apple Pie

I can't go making a blog post without giving a shout out to my personal favourite dessert! (I don't care if i'm sharing personal opinion, i'm the blog writer, so I do what I like!)

The Ashley Apple Pie is absolutely divine and one of - if not the best - apple pie i've ever had! 

It's sweet, the apples are cooked exactly right, soft but not so soft that there's no bite to them, the mixture the apples are cooked in contrasts so well, and the pastry! Ugh THE PASTRY! It's so fresh, buttery, and the perfect touch of sweetness... words cannot express how perfect the whole thing is!

It's served with sweet biscuit crumbs, caramel sauce, a dollop of vanilla cream, and a scoop of your favourite gelato!

Recommended apple pie and gelato combos:
  • Strawberry Patch Kid
  • Yogi Bear
  • Mister Mint Choc (just trust me) 
Anton's a Honey

Anton's a Honey

Anton's a Honey!

Now it's going to start making a bit more sense why I decided to ramble on about our Ashley's Apple Pie this week, because it could be very good friends with our new flavour special this week: Anton's a Honey!

Inspired by our Cafe Manager, Anton, our new flavour is delightfully fresh and classy!

A cinnamon & honey gelato, layered with a house-made pear curd, and crushed up candied walnuts. This is such a unique flavour and it's honestly one of the best we've done in a while!

And imagine how good this would go with an Apple Pie!

Anton's a Honey

Anton's a Honey


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