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Everything's Bigger at Rollickin

This weeks blog post is going to be a little bit excessive!

We've got the last in our series about hot desserts, which is a cookie, but taken to the max!

And i'll be showing off our latest gelato creation, which is chocolate on a huge scale! 

I'm Your Cookie Pie xoxo

Why have just a cookie, when you can make it deeper, thicker, and stuff it full of goodness?

Yes that's right, i'm talking about the magical concept of the cookie pie! Which we've made our own version of, right here at Rollickin!

Made using a gooey cookie dough, that tastes like an essence of home, we mix in some white chocolate chips, and mould into a pie crust shape. Next we pipe into the centre some of our signature thick and sticky rollickin caramel, and place more cookie dough on top. Chuck that into the oven and voila, we've got a luxurious, indulgent cookie pie!

When it's served, is warm and gooey and delicious! The cookie dough has this dense, gooey nature to it, and goes all crispy along the edges, while being soft in the middle. The caramel is encased in the middle and oozes out once you cut into it, like it's the yummiest sauce you've ever seen! And the white chocolate chips just compliment everything so well!

It's then served with vanilla cream, chocolate & caramel drizzles, a scoop of your choice, and a little cup of warm milk!


I'm Your Cookie Pie

I'm Your Cookie Pie


This week's new flavour took inspiration from the crazy economic state we're in!

This week, inflation peaked at 7.3%! Now in all honesty, I don't really know what that means. I write blogs for a dessert business, economics was clearly not my major.

Now despite not knowing much, I knew if the economy inflated, we may as well inflate something we know... and something we know well is chocolate. So we came up with a super chocolatey gelato!

Think of it like chocolate - four ways:

  1. Milk Chocolate Gelato
  2. White Chocolate Fudge Sauce
  3. Dark Chocolate Drizzle
  4. Chocolate Cookie Crumbs

It's soooooo good! The variations in chocolate mean they're complimentary to each other and not too overpowering. The gelato is creamy, the fudge sauce is sticky, and the cookie bits are crunchy, so it makes for a texture sensation too!  




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