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Rollickin Loves Ya!

On Show! Vegan gelato!

And we’ve been racing for Canterbury's Show Week!

With Coconut and Raspberries off to a good start with Creamy Pink Gelato - closely followed by Fluffy Marshmallow and Coconut Cake. OMG! You picked the gelato trifecta! And you look fabulous lickin icecream in that cute fascinator! 

What a week with so much fun in Christchurch for our Cup & Show week! 

This winning ice cream is VEGAN!!!, Dairy-free & Gluten-free too!
- House whipped @rollickingelato by our clever Gelato Chefs.
- Inspired by Vegan fans wanting desserts in a cone & of course Christchurch's fast horses!

Just thinking...we've made 'Dog Friendly' gelato, I wonder what 'Horse Friendly' ice cream would be? And Horses are Vegan too surely? Chefs? What do you think?

Any who see you at Rollickin Dessert Cafes for some late night dates, desserts, and yes Vegan gelato!


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