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Rollickin Loves Ya!

Get your dream dates attention!

Send them a LOVE message & a Gelato first date - all in one!

Get a Valentines Card they really want!  And your first dessert date nailed at Rollickin.

Say NO to boring expensive Valentines Day Cards!
Give them a message of LOVE and a Gelato date.
Pst. We have chocolate flavours too (yes, it's an aphrodisiac!!!), if they want to go all traditional chocolate on you ;)

You've got this! Grab a Rollickin Gelato Gift Card from a Rollickin Gelato Cafe from $15 or online (from $25). If you are buying online, yes, we can add your loved up message & post for you.

Wee dating tip for any singletons, hedge your bets and get your social calendar full!
Give out heaps of Gift Cards to all those you admire (we won't tell) and get those ice cream dates lined up for 2024!

You gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Prince or Princess!

Rollickin Gelato Cafes in Christchurch are open for late night romance.
Spoon gelato together! You got this licked! XXX


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