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Rollickin Loves Ya!

Rollickin Hot X Bunny Buns!

Oh the smell of a toasty Easter dessert treat!

Rollickin Gelato cafes are smelling like Easter! The crew are deliciously toasting Hot Cross Buns with your pick of gelato inside. Check out our super special gelato toasting machine. OMG! It's Easter dessert heaven. You can pick from a delicious CHOCOLATE Hot Cross bun or the old classic FRUITY SPICE. I love the VEGAN Fruity Spice teamed with a scoop of Hokey Pokey gelato. Oh Yes, we've got you covered Vegans for Easter Hot Cross bunning.
Toasting in-stores this week and Easter weekend til we run out of bunny buns. It's a limited bun bake!

Hop to it Bunnies!

Pst. See and eat the best buns at Rollickin Gelato Dessert Cafes Christchurch.

Rollickin Gelato Dessert Cafes will be open all of Easter weekend toasting!
Rollickin Gelato Cafe 98 Cashel Street Christchurch and
Rollickin Gelato Cafe 35 New Regent Street Christchurch.
Open Sunday-Thursday 11am-10pm 
Friday and Saturday nights open later for ice cream date nights 11am-11pm.


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