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Rollickin Loves Ya!

New Whip! Milfaccino!

Treating all fabulous Mums for Mothers Day!

We've pulled out all the stops for getting the Rollickin treating right for MUMS this Sunday!

Starting with asking for ice cream flavour suggestions from EVERYONE...Coffee gelato flavours came through as a clear winner (actually Alcoholic ice cream flavours were also mentioned A LOT too - Mums are you all good out there?)

The Chefs came through with a gelato MUM MASTERPIECE. Get your lips a smacking on this one!

Say hello to your new BFF Mum: the Mocha Frappe! It's like a mini-mum vacay in a cone, with espresso, chocolatey gelato goodness, layers of whipped Mascarpone cream and Oreo crumb. Whether you're wrangling kids in the car or conquering the school bake, this licking treat is your secret Super Mum weapon. Every Mum deserves a lick of this!

Don't forget our best MUM TIPS for Mothers Day!
Mum Tip #1
Bring her in for a Mum Date. Grab Mum a Rollickin GIFT CARD and yes, spend it together on gelato!

Mum Tip #2
Make Dessert for Mum. Grab Mum a Rollickin DESSERT BOX. Blow Mum away with your baking prowess by serving up the best dessert eva! Comes with easy peasy instructions and a Rollickin Party Tub of gelato goodness.

Mum Tip #3
Grab a PARTY TUB of her Favourite flavour. Surprise Mum with your listening powers! Of course you know what her favourite flavour is!???

And yes, we have Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Egg Free and Vegan ice cream flavours to cover most Mummy tummy allergens.

Biggest squeeziest LOVE to all the Mums, Dad Mums, Step Mums, Grand Mums, Foster Mums, Work Mums, Neighbour Mums, Nanny Mums, Pet Mums...- every type of Mum in our Big Beautiful Canterbury Whānau! X

See you for Mother’s Day at Rollickin Gelato Dessert Cafes, Christchurch.
Rollickin 98 Cashel Street and Rollickin 35 New Regent Street, 11am to 10pm Sunday to Thursday. And 11am til 11pm Friday and Saturday for those 'little later' special Date nights.


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