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Rollickin Loves Ya!

HOT Dessert dates at Rollickin Gelato.

Spoon our new Winter menu!

Wink! Wink! All our Rollickin Hot Desserts are generous nana servings, so good to share with a date. Hot Tip! Add an extra scoop, just to keep them melting. 

Warm up with one or two or three of these. Dessert your way through those dark wintery nights.
Heaters are on! X

Gerry Brownie.
Hot mega chocolate and gooey caramel BROWNIE and your favourite melting Rollickin gelato scoop. Plus a chocolate sauce drizzling, hokey pokey chunks, vanilla creamo and chocolate sprinklin. Christchurch’s favourite Roillickin dessert. Yes, I’m Gluten Free!

Jacindy's Cinnie Bun.
A warm snuggly sweet house-made brioche CINNIE BUN, caramelised brown sugar and cinnamon filling - melting cream cheese icing topped with your favourite Rollickin icecream scoop and gooey caramel sauciness and candied walnuts and vanilla cream and a cinnamon love dusting. Best comfort food ever!

I'm Cookie.
Hot COOKIE filled with white and dark chocolate! Add a chocolate and caramel drizzling and bikkie crumbles and your favourite meltin Rollickin scoop and vanilla cream and chocolate dust &anda wee warmed chocolate glass of milk for your cookie dipping.

Humble Crumble.
That magic moment you crack through the nubbly golden topping and you hit the hot caramelised SEASONAL FRUIT!!! Add your favourite Rollickin gelato scoop, cream and a cinnamon love dusting.
That’s just a little bit of nana baking heaven, right there.

Charlies Chocccake.
Hot CHOCOLATE CAKE dripping in chocolate ganache. Add melting chocolate flakes and drippin berry sauciness and chocolate crumbs and dollops of coconut yogurt and yes, your favourite Rollickin Gelato meltin scoop. I’m Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free.

Lost in Sticky Date.
HOT Sticky Date Pudding that’s moreishly datey and moisty! Swimming in hot house-made BUTTERSCOTCH sauceyness and stacked with Vanilla creamo, cinnamon love dustin, candied walnuts and your favourite Rollickin icecream scoop. Go on dive right in!

Coned Affogato.
Get more pep in your step! Tip a double shot of C4 organic espresso over your favourite Rollickin gelato scoop in a choc dipped waffley cone and yes! I spy brownie nibbles.

Dessert on in peoples! X


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