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Rollickin Loves Ya!

I'm Your Cookie Pie!

Yes! We've Dessert Box it!

Super popular best Christchurch dessert eva!

I'm your Cookie Pie, now available for you to take away in our 'create at home' Rollickin Dessert Box. 

Sweeten your friends with this nummy dessert surprise.

Warm a Cookie Pie til it's gooey on the inside crunchy on the out. (It's filled with white choc chunks & ooey gooey caramel so you want it just meltin)

Add your favourite scoop of ice cream, then the caramel sauce drizzling, throw down some special bikkie crumbles, add the dribbly vanilla creamo & then finish with some cinnamon love dustin.

Voila! You did it!

Pst. Super easy to create with our easy to follow step by step instructions.

Go on grab a Cookie Pie Dessert Box in store, pre-order in our webstore or UberEats it & make someones dessert day!


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