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Rollickin Loves Ya!

Full Steam Ahead!

Busy, Busy, Busy

It's been a crazy couple of weeks here at lil' ol' Rollickin.

From classes, and blind dates, new flavours, to silly gimmicks. We've been full steam ahead at trying to keep Rollickin a hive of activity!

Here's an adventure through some of the things we've been up to:

University of Rollickin

We love students, and know they're the leaders of tomorrow. Every good leaders diet should contain some Gelato. So we've been teaming up with the Univeristy of Canterbury in a number of exciting ways!

Oreotation - to celebrate the start of the University's Orientation Week, we created 'Oreotation' as a homage to our party-loving friends. Due to COVID, many of their Orientation events were cancelled and Oreotation was our little gift to them. A milk chocolate gelato, with house-made raspberry jam, crushed Oreo biscuits, and sprinkles of raspberry crumbles!

Lucky Dip - Lucky Dip is a long-running segment in the University's student-run magazine, CANTA. In each issue of the magazine, two students are set up on a blind date, and they both write about their experience in the magazine. This year, our New Regent St cafe is the chosen locations for the dates, and the lucky daters get to munch on our delicious desserts as they kindle their romance. You can read about the romantic atmosphere of Rollickin, in CANTA, which can be found around our cafes, or on the university campus

Christchurch (pretend) Pride

We were all devastated to learn that Christchurch Pride Week had been postponed due to COVID. 

Originally starting March 11th, we decided we'd still commemorate the week by releasing a super queer gelato.

A GAY OL’ TIME - Fabulous Toffee gelato, lathered in cheeky caramel sauce, and slapped with boisterous butter biscuit bark!

Although another date is yet to be set for Christchurch Pride, the week traditionally falls around this time of year, and we still wanted to celebrate the awesome LGBTQIA+ community, that do so much for Ōtautahi/Christchurch!

A fabulous toffee gelato, layered with caramel sauce, and slapped with butter biscuit bark!

A fabulous toffee gelato, layered with caramel sauce, and slapped with butter biscuit bark!


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