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Rollickin Loves Ya!

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

I haven't been able to focus all week, because all i've been able to think about is our wonderful, four-legged, floofy friends!

This weekend!

Finally! After what seems like forever, we are finally having a Dog Walk! 

The last few dog walks have been cancelled due to COVID, so it is with great joy that I confidently say: this dog walk is going ahead!!

Starting at our Cashel St cafe, we'll be taking a nice, 30 minute stroll around the central city, having a look at some of the awesome murals painted around the city!

So if you have a dog who loves walkies - or simply want to go on a walk with loads of dogs - make sure to be at our Cashel St cafe this coming Sunday at 4:30pm!

We'll be serving up our delicious & dog-friendly Woof Woof Gelato for anyone who gives a gold coin donation to the SPCA!

A colourful good boy!

A colourful good boy!

Caramel Sutra

This is a particularly good week at Rollickin, because as well as the dog walk, our new flavour this week is incredibly moreish!

Introducing: Caramel Sutra! We've really leaning into the notes of caramel for this one. So if you're a caramel lover, you're guaranteed to love this one!

It's caramel 3 ways! First we've made a delicious, not-too-sweet caramel gelato, layered on top of that is a divinely rich & sticky dulce le leche, and sprinkled on top, we've baked and chopped up a gorgeous caramel cake!

It's dangerously delicious!

A big ol' scoop of Caramel Sutra

A big ol' scoop of Caramel Sutra


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