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Rollickin Loves Ya!

A Rocky Holiday

Happy holidays! 

School holidays that is, if you don't have children - just ignore that.

Yes the school holidays are in full swing, and just like that, our cafes are engulfed in the squeals and joy of children! This week we've hosted 3 children's gelato classes, and thus, a lot of noise and mess has certainly been made.

But watching their excitement as they create their own gelato is worth the clean-up afterwards!

This week we also released a bloody delicious gelato flavour, and, as is my tradition at the moment, i'll fuss over another delicious Hot Dessert!

Rock Star

This week we released a very indulgent, scrumptious flavour that is a party of textures in your mouth!

Rock Star is a vanilla gelato, with thick layers of caramel, and a generous sprinkling of Double Dutch mix. 

What's Double Dutch you might ask? Well it's a combination of brownie chunks, marshmallows, and cashew nuts.

I had never heard about it before this week, but boy-oh-boy, i'm glad I have now! What a combination of thing! 

We use our house-made brownie, so it's the best brownie in the world, combined with the best nut, combined with one of the loveliest sweets! 

Then when that's combined with our incredible vanilla gelato and our moreish sticky caramel - it truly is an incredible combination!

Rock Star!

Rock Star!

Charlie's Choccy Cake

I don't know who Charlie is, but damn he's lucky!

Charlie's Choccy Cake is the ulitmate, if your a lover of rich, dense, chocolate-y things!

It's a hot chocolate cake, thick in all the right places and packed with a delicious uber rich chocolate ganache. Topped with a yummy chocolate icing.

It's served with a scoop of your choice, coconut yoghurt, and is drizzled in berry sauce! The rich chocolate experience of the cake is balanced so well with the berry sauce, and with all that richness, the lightness of the coconut yoghurt is an expert touch. 

Charlie's Choccy Cake

Charlie's Choccy Cake


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