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Rollickin Loves Ya!

Peter Carrot Cake!

Whippin Creamy Gorgeous Organic Milk!

Rollickin whips all our gelato's with litres and litres and litres of Organic Milk that gets dropped off daily. Our chefs only use the highest quality ingredients to make sure our gelato's are the best desserts in Christchurch. Organic milk is nutrient rich so it's perfect for creating creamy mouth watering gelato desserts!

Our latest ice cream creation is PETER CARROT CAKE.

Yes! You had me at Carrot Cake! Churning organic milk, carrots and caramel into the creamiest gelato. With layers of home baked carrot cake and ripples of cream cheese icing and lemon curd sauce and walnuts! I’m just a rabbit who loves Carrot cake. See you soon for some free tastes of our latest ice cream creations in Christchurch.


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