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Rollickin Loves Ya!

Rollickin Gelato Greatest Licks!

Bringing back our bangers - your favourite ice cream flavours!

Here's to a great dessert licking 2023! It's Year of The Rabbit & all that hopping good stuff!

As voted by our fabulous Christchurch peoples (and yes we definitely hear your demands on social media & in our cafes). Love your gelato feedback always! X
We are rolling out all your favourite gelato picks. Starting with Pops Lemon Pie, Oh Snap, Chatty Cathy Coffee, Love Me Tinder, & Banoffee...oh my goodness my desserts!

Go on let us know what flavour you keep dreaming of & we will twist our Chefs arms to bring it back! I know theres one that keeps tauting my memory banks...Doughlene!

What's my all time favourite Rollickin gelato flavour?

Well as of today, I can't get enough of OH SNAP! Inspired by nanas dessert plate, it's a greatest dessert lick!
A 10 out of 10 on my gelato lick-o-meter.

The Rollickin Chefs whip creamy house-made Vanilla Bean gelato with organic milk, Vanilla Pods, cream with layers of brandy snapping and drizzles of our famous gooey caramel sauce.

Have you had it yet?

Rollickin Cafes are open 11am to 10pm everyday in Christchurch. Perfect for gelato dessert dates with mates and family day & night. See you soon for the best ice cream flavours eva! X


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